voices of women in law // voix des femmes en droit


Written by Jessica Magonet

The woman speaks law

to the courtroom of men


she speaks law loudly and proudly

distinguishing precedent extinguishing dissent

she examines and cross-examines and re-examines the witnesses

and the evidence

she shows no deference


the woman speaks law

for it is the language

she has always spoken

the language that forged

Athena’s sword

and siphoned blood

into a pound of flesh


wearing Armani armour


the woman fights,

not for what is right

but to hear her bold voice ring

off marbled walls

and her authority is written in lipstick

red as the blood on her client’s hands


her swift tongue is a scalpel

piercing the prosecution

her swift wit is a needle

weaving a hermetic defense


the woman speaks law

and returns home

where she unzips her skirt

unclasps her bra


she returns home to cold pasta

and to a husband

who asks her for the last fucking time if she even cares about him

enough to call

if she is going to be late for supper

she stands awkwardly, her lips half-opened


words tremble


at the tip of her tongue.

Contours is made possible by funding from the McGill Law Students’ Association / L’Association des étudiant-e-s en droit de McGill. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced in whole or in part without permission from the authors.

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