voices of women in law // voix des femmes en droit


Lucia Westin

My image is inspired by the two images from the Privy Council’s decision on the “Persons Case” (Edwards v AG of Canada). First, Canada as a “mistress in her own house” and second, her Constitution as a “living tree”. Here, I apply these images in reference to women instead. I wish to represent the robust life that is possible when girls are given the room and nurturing they need to flourish, as well as the freedom to be who they naturally are. The “living tree”, upon which the female figure is climbing, grows up out of the home. This is to represent both that women have potential beyond the home, and that they need the space and opportunity to grow beyond confining stereotypes. At the same time, it places value on the home, an area traditionally associated with a woman’s territory, as it is seen as a source from which the tree has sprung.


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