voices of women in law // voix des femmes en droit


This publication was compiled by Chantelle Dallas, Élodie Fortin, Jinnie Liu, Andréanne Poirier, Vanessa Di Feo, Maya Soren, Romita Sur and Suzanne Zaccour. Unless otherwise noted, each of the articles was written by the author during the 2015-2016 academic year for this publication. Please do not reproduce any of the articles or images without permission from the author.

Un grand merci à toutes les autrices, éditrices et bénévoles :
Sara Andrade, Daphné Anastassiadis, Nigah Awj, Karin Bedard, Claire Boychuk, Renée Brasseur, Chantelle Dallas, Vanessa Di Feo, Philippa Duchastel de Montrouge, Jessica Dufresne, Nicole Dawn Dunbar, Rosine Faucher, Élodie Fortin, Mireille Fournier, Alexandra Iannarino, Ivana Isailovic, Rebecca Kaeser Reiss, Nazampal Kaur Jaswal, Jinnie Liu, Marie Manikis, Anna McIntosh, Lauren Phizicky, Andréanne Poirier, Johanne Poirier, Katherine Richardson, Odeta E. Rizea, María Rodríguez Motta, Romita Sur, Shauna Van Praagh, Sydney Warshaw, Lucia Westin and Suzanne Zaccour. Special thank you to our design editor Maya Soren.

This publication was made possible by the McGill Law Students’ Association / L’Association des étudiant-e-s en droit de McGill, the Dean’s Discretionary Fund, McGill University Faculty of Law as well as the SSMU Equity Fund and the SSMU Campus Life Fund. Copies can be retrieved, downloaded and distributed, for educational purposes only, from

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Contours: Voix de femmes en droit | Voices of Women in Law

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