voices of women in law // voix des femmes en droit


Written by Anonymous

– Let’s stop slut-shaming ourselves, shall we? –


I knew about her, and I told you.    I knew about her, and I told you.

I’ve been weak, you led me on.     You did not care, I trusted you.

It was never going to be                 You said it was

just your problem.                           your problem.

I should’ve said no.                         So I said yes.

It was not right.                               It’s what we both wanted.

I knew you had                               I wasn’t the one who had

promises to keep.                           to be faithful.

I fell for your kiss,                           I fell for your kiss,

your sweet talk.                               your sweet talk.

I should’ve ran away.                      I stayed.

I should’ve left alone.                      We left together.

We could’ve just slept.                    We fucked.

I broke her heart.                             You broke her heart.

I never meant to be the evil one.   I never meant to be the evil one.

I should’ve been a good girl.          I am a woman.

I should’ve played hard to get.       I don’t play games.

I should’ve left you wanting more.  I know what I want.

I should’ve gone back home.          I followed you.

I should’ve said                               We kept on drinking,

“Don’t open the bottle!”                    flirting.

I should’ve just kissed you.              I undressed you.

I should’ve kept my dress on.          You undressed me.

I should not have begged for it          I wanted it so badly

on the first date.                                 on the first date.


The fact that we kissed, that we fooled around,

that we touched, that we laughed, that I said

           “I really want you” doesn’t mean I’ll feel the same tomorrow,

           doesn’t mean I’ll want to do it again,

           doesn’t mean I owe it to you.

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