voices of women in law // voix des femmes en droit


Written by Stephanie Clark, Jinnie Liu, Maya Soren & Suzanne Zaccour

Contours est une revue bilingue publiée annuellement grâce au travail des étudiantes et des femmes juristes à la faculté de droit de McGill.

We are ecstatic to invite you to read this third edition of Contours. Since its inception in 2012, the project has grown into something that students and professors alike look forward to each year.

The fundamental idea of Contours has stayed the same: it still maps and shapes the contours of debates, experiences, concerns, and aspirations around the intersection of women and the law. It is a space for women’s voices and an invitation for us all to be in conversation. We share personal stories and artistic expressions of our experiences with the law and inquiries into issues or themes that inspire us, anger us, or touch us.

The boundless creativity and insight of the women at this faculty allows for a truly unique compilation. This year our authors offer critiques of stereotypes surrounding parenthood and harassment in the workplace. They decry the government inaction that subjects migrant caregivers to vulnerability and disregards a national inquiry for thousands of missing and murdered indigenous women. They narrate the experience of sexism abroad while calling for a need to redesign the inherently sexist education perpetuated within the walls of law school.

These are real stories and experiences. Writing them is not always easy and we are grateful to our authors for making their private conversations public, and for demonstrating new facets and perspectives on women’s complex relationship with the law.

Remember. Reflect. Reimagine. Bienvenue dans la conversation et bonne lecture.

Contours is made possible by funding from the McGill Law Students’ Association / L’Association des étudiant-e-s en droit de McGill. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced in whole or in part without permission from the authors.

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